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The following are books that we have found to be helpful in our journey with our children effected by FASD.   Along with a brief overview of the resource and places to purchase.  We will also give our opinions on the resource as to whether we thought the information was/is helpful.  We will tell you if we have actually used the resource. Some information on this site will only be helpful to you if you live in the Central Valley, California. 
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FASD Strategies Not Solutions

This booklet is designed for caregivers and professionals who, in their everyday lives, encounter children and youths affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Readers should be aware that this booklet provides strategies and suggestions for people who already have a base understanding of FASD.
Our Opinion: I found this book to be VERY helpful. Hands on practical strategies to dealing with everyday FASD behaviours. (nh)

Cost: Free download

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 Trying Differently Rather Thank Harder by Diane Malbin

Written by: Diane Malbin, M.S.W.
This booklet was written to provide useful information, increase understanding of FASD, reduce frustration, and develop appropriate intervention and prevention strategies.
Our Opinion: This book is very short and easy to read. Similar to "FASD Strategies Not Solutions", but has a lot of it's own information. Another MUST READ. (nh)

The Long Way To Simple

50 years of Living, Loving and Laughing as a Person with FASD  

Written by Steve Neafcy

 Stephen Neafcy has lived for over 50 years with brain damage caused by Fetal Alcohol. His journey of not having a clue what was wrong in his life lasted until he was 43 when he was diagnosed. The revelation of knowing what was wrong, provided the courage to carry on and begin to help others. The Long Way to Simple - 50 years of ideas to live, love and luagh as a person with FASD is more than just his story, it is a life program for young adults following in his footsteps. Steve provides us with Hope.

Our Opinion: Steve has done a fantastic job on this book. I would recommend this for anyone with a teenager or adult with FASD as part of the book is information and Steve's story and the other part of the book Steve walks you through solutions to daily issues people with FASD face. 



Forgetful Frankie, The World's Greatest Rock Skipper, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

 Forgetful Frankie© has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Frankie creates a wonderful world full of fun and forgets about the rules and consequences. He shares the challenges and joys of living with FASD. Join Frankie as he brings you along on his exciting journey. Forgetful Frankie is part of the WE ARE POWERFUL children's book series produced and published by Wildberry Productions Inc

Our Opinion:  Easy read for a parent and child. Gives a good spring board for further discussion.



Forfeiting All Sanity

A Mother's Story of Raising a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

 Jennifer dropped to her knees, trying to make sense of the doctor's diagnosis: 'Your daughter has fetal alcohol syndrome.' Her adopted daughter, Ashley, the blond, blue-eyed angel she longed and prayed for since she was a teenager, would forever be affected by her birthmother's decision to drink during pregnancy. Ashley would suffer all her life from mental and physical birth defects that were completely preventable, and she would have less than a 10 percent chance of ever being able to live on her own. In Forfeiting All Sanity: A Mother's Story of Raising a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Jennifer Poss Taylor shares her family's experience with FAS and the perseverance, sense of humor, and love that daily overcome its effects. Taylor's honesty and personal insight will capture readers as she describes the daily challenges of raising a child with special needs. Every parent will be touched by this story.

Our Opinion:  If you are raising a child with FASD then you will find many things in the easy to read book that you will be able to relate to. (nh)



Damaged Angels

An Adoptive Mothers Struggle to Understand the Tragic Toll of Alcohol in Pregnancy

 Part heartfelt memoir, part practical guide, Damaged Angels recounts Bonnie Buxton's struggles to raise an adopted daughter whom she didn't realize was afflicted with fetal alcohol disorder. Her book also offers guidance to parents who have children with FASD. By the time Bonnie's daughter Colette hit first grade, her parents were coping with her frequent stealing and lying, and the necessity of special education. At fourteen, she discovered drugs and sex; by eighteen, she was a crack addict living on the streets. After many frustrating years consulting numerous therapists, a TV news story gave Bonnie the answer she was looking for — and sent her on a quest for a diagnosis and help for Colette. Damaged Angels can aid and comfort all those affected by FASD — the most common cause of intellectual impairments in most industrialized nations — and reduce the number of babies born with this disorder in the future. The most important book on fetal alcohol disorder since Michael Dorris's The Broken Cord, Damaged Angels is a book for every parent, practitioner, and teacher working with a child with FASD.

 Opinion: Good book, but can be difficult to read because of the realities of FASD.



The Best I Can Be

Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-Effects

 A young teen with Fetal Alcohol Effects challenges the world to peer inside her life and brain. Through her own writings the reader is taken on a life changing journey that will impact their thinking about how to help and understand children with brain damage due to Fetal Alcohol.

Opinion:  Great book for you and an older child who suffers from FASD. Liz and her adoptive mother write this book together giving the perspective of the child that suffers from FASD. 



The Broken Cord

 The controversial national bestseller that received unprecedented media attention, sparked the nation's interest in the plight of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and touched a nerve in all of us. Winner of the 1989 National Book Critics Circle Award.

Opinion: I would highly recommend this book, but with that said this addresses some tough realities about living with FASD. It was the first book I read about FASD and it can get you a bit depressed if you are not educated on "the rest of the story" about living with FASD.



Mom Team Careers
I know that sometimes it is hard to juggle all the appointments our kids need and yet still earn a living. And I also know that our children, weather effected or not,  have many sensitivities to chemicals in our environment.  Well, I have come across a wonderful solution! For more information, please e-mail me at FASD101@sbcglobal.net

VIDEOS & Podcasts

Edward P. Riley
Professor of Psychology and Director, Center for Behavioral Teratology
This is a speaking event. A bit technical, as he is speaking to colleagues. But if you understand some of the FASD lingo you will easily follow along with Dr. Riley as he brings you on a journey of FASD. A must see!!
Opinion: Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Riley and I must say I was a little star struck. But he soon puts you at ease and is a very down to earth, personable and compassionate person.  His and his teams research are an asset to the FASD community. (nh)
"Mother Boozes-Baby Loses"

Washington State Department of  Social and Health Services

FAS Foster Parents Webcast-DSHS/DIS
with Julie Gilo and Carolyn Hartness
Between these two ladies they have many hands on years of experience dealing with FASD.
These videos are Foster Care training video's for Washington State, but very educational for who
deal with the affects of FASD.
Opinion: I have not had a chance to watch the whole series, but what I have watched has been beneficial. (nh)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrom (FAS)  And Fetal Alcohol Related Conditions (FAE) ---Session 1
Part 1 - 45 minutes                                                     
Part 2 - 45 minutes                                                   
Part 3 - 45 minutes                                                   
"Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)" and "Fetal Alcohol Related Conditions." -- Session 2
  Part 4 - 45 minutes
  Part 5 - 45 minutes
  Part 6 - 45 minutes

Working with ADHD and Fetal Alcohol Spectum Disorders with Randi Hankins
Randi is funny and entertaining as she discusses ADD, ADHD, FAS, and ETC...
Opinion: Have not seen complete series. E-mail me with your opinion (nh)

Video 1 (1 hr 13 min)

Video 2 (1 hr 2 min)

Video 3 (1 hr 32 min)

Video 4 (1 hr 18 min)


The FASD Elephant™ Podcast
This site offers podcasts as well as blog spot that supports the podcasts.

Michael Harris is a Licensed Psychologist since 1997 and working with high-risk children and families since 1993, he is currently director of mental and chemical health services at the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis (IHB), a non-profit community healthcare center, serving the urban American Indian community and people of all races in the Twin Cities. Over the years, Harris has developed expertise in not only Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), but also foster care and adoption, trauma and abuse, childhood disruptive behaviors, and childhood attachment problems. He is also a Certified EMDR Therapist.

Harris has treated families affected by FASD since 1995, co-developed the FASD Evaluation Clinic at IHB in 1998, and served on three task forces/committees studying FASD. He is a member of the MOFAS Speakers Bureau and also provides consultation to emerging and established professionals regarding treatment of clients with FASD in the Twin Cities.


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